Kitty on a broomstick <3

Seriously this is like, the best event mount ever. I love it. I’m going to be sad when it goes away though :(

Also beat the Garden instance today and wowowow as a Cleric, that instance is intense x__x There’s a lot of poison that everyone has to watch out for. In the patches of grass is poison clouds, and you have to stay pretty much off the grass completely and just stay on the brick road. At first, some of the people in my party (myself included) didn’t realize it. I realized it when I saw my health suddenly dropping and got it pretty much immediately. A few others didn’t catch on so fast, and the poison drains so quickly, it is impossible to out-heal the poison >.< So one of them died, boo. I hate when people die on my watch, but we tried to tell them to get off the grass ;_;

The final boss of the dungeon was also pretty intense. I don’t even remember what it was called to be honest, I had my eyes glued to my cooldowns, EP, and party member’s health. Some of them were dying really quick, and once again poison played a bit of a role in this fight too. All in all though, the instance ran rather smooth and pretty quick. I was pretty happy with the results :D

Now I just have to farm it a bit to get the Omphacites and Glittering leafs for my Fleur de Lys set (which is so strong x__x) and I can move on to the Catacombs!